The Importance Of Routine Servicing Of Elevators

9 Oct, 2015 | | Articles

When someone steps into an elevator they want to feel safe, and have a pleasant ride from one floor to the other. Part of this pleasant experience should be a ride that is smooth and free of jolting starts and stops. They also want to be greeted with a clean interior and modern design.

Elevators don’t merely go up and down, they transport valuable cargo. Like all other machinery, elevators have to be maintained, serviced and when needed, repaired. Making sure the elevators in your building provide a safe, smooth and pleasant experience requires regular elevator maintenance, service and support by professionals. Professionals who have the expertise to make sure your elevators not only meet state and federal codes, but also provide pleasant transportation experiences.

The mechanical workings of modern elevators are extremely complex and require service and repairs by those qualified to take care of them. Most servicing and maintenance goes through the elevator machine room.

The elevator machine room, is actually the ‘heart of the elevator Just like maintaining our human heart is important, so is maintaining the heart, or working center, of the elevator along with its fundamental working parts.

The elevator machine room holds the hoisting machine, motor generator sets or the solid state power supply long with control equipment. The hoist way also known as the elevator shaft, contains the guide rails of the elevator cars and counter weight; along with equipment that runs the corridor doors, hangers, door locks and operating mechanisms.

This equipment, as well as the other mechanical parts of the elevator system, requires regular maintenance and checks to ensure safety and a pleasant transportation experience regardless how short the ride.

A checklist of things needed to make sure your elevators are functioning properly include the following: Response time; travel time between floors; smooth starts and stops; properly working hall and call lights as well as the floor indicators all need regularly scheduled maintenance checks. All should be done by a professional with experience, experience in working with the overall elevator system.

Picking an experienced well qualified full service elevator company can be one of the most important things you, as a building owner can do. Finding a company who values you as a client is just as important as the expert service they offer.

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